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Harrison Tax Resolution  - Tax Settlements, Audit Defense, Tax Debt Relief, Tax Resolution
Using the Latest Tax Technology, Software and Research , I Offer:
Authorized IRS Electronic Filer. Tax preparation.  Free efiling.
*Free E-Filing (I am an IRS authorized e-file Originator)
Electronic Filing - Receive Your Refund Faster!
Preparation of Individual, Business, Estate, Trust and Employment Income Tax Returns (ALL states and U. S. territories)
Preparation of Income Tax Returns for:  
  • Estates, Trusts, S or C Corporations, LLCs, Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships
  • Employment Taxes (Payroll Taxes)
  • Information Returns (W-2, 1099)
  • Compliance for Bankruptcy
  • Non-filers (prior year taxes - state and federal) 
Expert representation on Appeals and Collection Due Process Hearings.  Your private Taxpayer Advocate.
Expert Tax Representation
  • Audit, Collection and Appeals
  • Fast Track Mediation
  • IRS Audit Reconsideration
  • Expert Witness
  • Taxpayer Advocate Liaison
  • Hardships
  • Collection Due Process Hearings
  • Pre trial Hearings
  • Abusive Tax Schemes
  • Non-Filers
  • Innocent Spouse Protection
  • Tax Problem Resolution
  • Reconstruction of Income and Expenses
Specializing in IRS tax problem resolution.  Tax debt relief.
Expert Tax Debt Relief
  • Offers-In-Compromise (Individual and Business)
  • Innocent Spouse Claims
  • Injured Spouse Claims
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Levies
  • Hardships
  • Negotiation of Partial and Full Installment Agreements
  • Audit Reconsideration
  • Back tax returns filed
  • Financial Information Statements
  • Asset Valuation
  • Tax Account Analysis - IRS Transcripts
  • IRS Transcript Review
  • Currently Not collectible status
  • Collection due process hearings
  • Return of seized property
  • Payroll Tax Issues
  • Trust Fund Penalties
  • Collection Statutes
  • Fresh Start Initiative
Penalty Abatements
Penalty abatements for reasonable cause.
Based on Reasonable Cause
or statutory exceptions, administrative waivers and correction of a service error
Civil Penalties, Negligence Penalties - ABATED!!!
The IRS has the authority to assess over 140 different types of penalties.  They include, but are not limited to the following:
  • failure to file
  • failure to pay
  • failure to pay estimated tax
  • failure to deposit
  • accuracy
  • negligence
  • preparer/promotor
  • information return
  • civil penalty
  • fraud penalty
Abatement of Tax Penalties
The IRS will generally review all of the facts and circumstances of the situation that led to the assessment of penalties.  An abatement of all or a partial amount of the penalty assessed will generally be granted as reasonable cause if any of the following factors are true:
  • the taxpayer used ordinary business care and prudence
  • incorrect advice from the service
  • incorrect advice from a tax advisor
  • official disaster area
  • death, serious illness
  • unavoidable absence
  • unable to obtain records
  • fire, casualty, natural or other major disruption
  • service error
  • reasonable cause and not willful neglect
Colleen E. Harrison - Notary Public
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Commissioned by the Secretary of the State of Arizona
Commissioned Notary Public in house.
Notary Public Services 
I am a Notary Public.  I am fully insured, bonded and commissioned.  I am a certified signing agent. My commission expires 1/19/2013.  Bring me your important documents.  I am available by appointment only.
  •  Loan Documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Wills and Power of Attorney's
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Vehicle Title Transfers
Bilingual services in Spanish and English.
Bilingual Services
Se habla espanol
Fluency in Spanish and English
Employer and Payor Assistance
TIN Matching
  • Verification of  TIN and Name
  • "Back-Up Withholding"
  • "B" Notices, Forms W-9, W-4
  • Payroll Tax Consultation
  • Forms 1099-MISC
Taxpayer Advocate.  Hardships.  Tax resolution services.
  • Free Tax preparation and certain other services are  offered through  the IRS VITA  program.  To find out if you qualify,   
  Contact the VITA program which can be found at irs.gov.  
Visit the IRS website at: