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Tax Return Preparation
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Enrolled Agent - Tested & Authorized by the IRS
Authorized IRS E-file provider
Authorized IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent
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 Tax Preparer authorized by the IRS PTIN Program

  (PTIN is Practitioner's Tax Identification Number)

Tax Year 2016 Fees for Tax Preparation:

Basic 1040 = $100 - $300+
Complex 1040 with Sch A, B, D, etc = $150 - $1,000+
Business, Schedule C, Rental = $250 - $1,500+
Non Profits = $450 to $1,500+
Corporations, C, S, Partnerships = $500 - $3,000+
Estates = $200 - $1,000+

One of the most important things that must be done in order to resolve your tax problems and settle your tax debts is to get into compliance.  That means that you must file any back tax returns that are delinquent and pay any current taxes due on current income.   If you do not have your income records for prior years and wish to have your tax returns for those years prepared, I can obtain your income and account transcripts from the IRS.  To do so, I will need authorization from you.  Once you provide me with a completed Form 2848 authorization to represent you before the IRS, I will have the authority to obtain tax information that the IRS has on you.  Using that information and the information you provide to me insures a more accurate tax return as well as better representation.  This is particularly so when dealing with prior year tax returns. 

After reviewing your documents (W-2's, 1099s, other income and/or 1098s, and expenses as applicable) an estimate can be provided to you of the cost of preparing each tax return.  Without knowing what is involved in preparing your tax return, a professional tax preparer cannot determine a fair price to charge you.  Everyone's facts and circumstances are different.  The amount of time required to prepare your tax return and its complexity play a major role in the cost.  As many non-filers have not filed a tax return, it is difficult for them to determine how much time and effort is involved.  Don't expect to get good service if you are quoted a fee that is much lower than most.   
Your tax returns can be completed by mail, email, fax or telephone.  Meetings can be held to discuss tax issues and concerns.  These meetings can be conducted over the telephone or in person. 
  • appointment
  • drop off
  • mail
  • email
  • fax
  • telephone
Tax Return Preparation Includes The Following:
  • Individual  
  •  Sole Proprietorship
  • LLC'S
  • Corporations (C or S corp) - Form 1120 or 1120S
  • Fiduciary
  • Estates
  • Trusts
  • Partnership (Form 1065 )
  • Non-Profits
  • Payroll Taxes (Employment Taxes)
  • Amended Returns
  • Extensions to File
  • All State Tax Returns
Free e-filing - current year tax returns  (IRS e-file originator - ERO)