Harrison Tax Resolution - UPDATED FEE SCHEDULE 2015 - Phoenix, AZ
Harrison Tax Resolution  - Tax Settlements, Audit Defense, Tax Debt Relief, Tax Resolution


  •   You will be provided with one signed copy of your tax return.   
  •   The original tax return will be mailed or electronically filed to the IRS. 
  •   There will be a $25 fee for any additional copy of the tax return.
  •    Requests for copies of tax returns to be faxed to a third party will be extra.
  •    Appointments will be charged at the rate of $125 per hour.  This fee is non refundable and must be paid in advance.  If you are contracting for tax preparation or tax representation, it will be applied as a credit towards those services.   

Minimum Estimated Fees

Form 1040 EZ less than 3 documents
(Extra fees for more documents)

Form 1040A

Form 1040 with Schedule A

Form 1040 with Schedule A and C

Form 1040 with Schedule A and E

Affordable Care Act

Multi-State Tax Return for each State

Additional Schedule C or E

Schedule C or E Supporting Documents:

$20 to $50 per Form

Fixed Assets
Business Use of Home
Car & Truck Worksheet


Must pay $685 non-refundable minimum fee retainer plus the additional cost of tax preparation and execute an IRS Power of Attorney Form 2848.

Offer in Compromise

$1,500 non-refundable minimum fee retainer plus the cost of any tax returns needing to be prepared.  IRS Power of Attorney Form 2848 must be executed.  Price includes the appeal process if required.  Out of pocket costs for special handling are additional (shipping, photocopying, handling)

Tax Audit Defense

Fees are hourly based, subject to a $1,500 non-refundable pre-paid minimum fee retainer per income tax year under audit.  Fees do not include any subsequent Appeals or Tax Court Hearings or related filings. 

Tax Consultations

Fees are hourly based at $125 per hour with a one hour minimum, non-refundable pre-paid retainer.   Appointments must be made in advance.  Cancellations require 24 hours advance notice.  No shows may result in no further appointments.   


Tax Organizer Must be Prepared

1.  Full names, Social Security Numbers, and Dates of Birth must be provided on all dependents. 

2.  Current Address, Current Telephone Numbers and email addresses. 

3.  Provide a list of all states lived in during the year and income earned in each state.

Applies to Schedules A, C, D and E

Your books and records must be well organized and items calculated and totaled. 

Information Must be Legible, Complete  and Correct

Additional fees apply for any missing, incomplete or incorrect data submitted. 
Time involved in sorting out data will be charged at the rate of $125 per hour.