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Hype from Tax Relief Companies

Hype from Tax Debt Relief Companies - Can They Really Help You?  YES

Colleen E. Harrison, Enrolled Agent, former IRS Revenue Agent

Tax Debt Resolution Expert
Specializing in Tax Debt Relief

There really are IRS debt relief programs out there to help you get out from under the paralyzing weight of IRS tax debt.  Some may be tailored just to your circumstances and this is what empowers me to help you.


Removal of the Levy, Lien, Garnishments
Collection Enforcement Action
Collection Due Process Hearings
Fast Track Mediation
Audit Reconsideration
Innocent Spouse Relief
Currently Not Collectible Status
Offer In Compromise
Installment Agreement

You can pour your heart out to the IRS Revenue Officers and collectors when they call, or worse yet, when they pay you a visit - and they do. You can explain how you and/or your wife have lost your job(s), or how illness has taken its toll, that the stock market crashed, that the value of your home has taken a nosedive, how your kids need a place to live, food and clothing; you can go on and on about your desire and best intentions to pay them and about your honesty. But no matter what, the bottom line is that they are trained to get you into compliance. 

It may appear that they are ignoring your pleas.  It may even appear that they don't believe you.  But, their job is to collect the taxes assessed.  The only way to resolve your tax problems with the IRS is to get into compliance and settle any back taxes owed.  The first step is to obtain the services of an experienced tax professional such as the Enrolled Agent.  The Enrolled Agent is licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers on all administrative tax matters in all 50 states and U. S. territories.  The next step is to have the Enrolled Agent assess your situation and work with you on developing the strategy that will work best for you based on your particular facts and circumstances. 

I've helped clients in all income levels and with high tax debts up to $1 million. I wish I could give you a list with the full names of my satisfied clients but in the tax relief business that just doesn't happen. Virtually nobody is willing to make their tax problems known. 

If you try to work out an agreement with the IRS on your own, my experience shows that few people negotiate a significant settlement for themselves with the IRS. Very often they end up worse off than when they started, sometimes much worse off, because in the process of negotiating they show all their cards, revealing too much to the IRS. When you reveal more than you are required to the IRS may just use it against you. This happens all the time! And, even if you do have "success", most of the time time the amount you are able to negotiate with the IRS is so small it provides no real relief.

Unless there is a big change in circumstances, almost everyone that negotiates themself with IRS agrees to such bad terms that they end up behind the eight ball and default again because they got bullied by the IRS. When that happens you are in more hot water than when you started because now you not only owe your original tax debt but you have penalties, interest and maybe even a default penalty along with the original debt!

It's really frustrating and on top of that the IRS returns to putting levies and liens in place and goes back to garnishing your wages, the things you tried to avoid when you originally contacted them to resolve things.

I negotiate tax debt settlements and payment plans that  significantly benefit my clients. I won't even take your case if I cannot help you in a significant way. 

You can negotiate your own tax debt relief with the IRS but it's probably not in your best interests to do so. Would you try to be your own lawyer in any other situation? (most tax relief programs do not require an IRS tax attorney)

So Why Not Just Use Your CPA That Does Your Accounting And Taxes To Negotiate Some Form of IRS Debt Relief?

Well, CPA's are experts at bookkeeping, preparing tax returns, financial reports, audits and for giving general financial advice. That's what they spend the lion's share of their time on.

But that in itself is the problem.
While we respect the work of CPAs and accountants, you need tax relief and that just isn't their specialty at all. It's NOT what they do and if you ask them they'll no doubt tell you that straight out.

So the bottom line is, almost invariably, that your accountant and even your CPA are completely unequipped to do tax relief. They had to study it in school and have probably heard a few seminars in the years that follow, but from a lack of use most just have a foggy understanding of some of the programs available.

I do tax relief exclusively and could easily teach the seminars your accountant attends to learn about taxes and tax debt relief. I handle tax debt relief and tax debt resolution every day, all day long! You need tax relief and you need it now and you shouldn't have to wait for your accountant to catch up on the latest rules, programs and modifications.

If an accountant or CPA hasn't done much tax relief work, which almost all haven't, they are not who you want representing you before the IRS agents who spend all day long trying to collect tax debts. 

Solving tax problems is my specialty and it's my level of expertise and experience that is needed to  give you a fighting chance to resolve your tax debts and tax problems in your favor.  

    I am confident that no one is better qualified than I am to help you. However, I am a bit partial in this matter. So please feel free to check my A  BBB rating for yourself.

    No matter what, please, do something!  Contact me for expert and affordable assistance. I only use the information you give me to contact you to help get you IRS debt relief.

    Contact Colleen E. Harrison, Enrolled Agent, and former IRS Revenue Agent at (480) 292-7604.

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