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Colleen E. Harrison
Enrolled Agent (EA), Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) for the ITIN and former IRS Revenue Agent
Harrison Tax, Accounting and Financial Services, Inc. DBA Harrison Tax Resolution
Registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission
In business since October, 2008
A+ Rating with the Arizona Better Business Bureau
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The Enrolled Agent is the Preferred Choice

I am a taxation expert specializing in IRS and state tax preparation, tax problem resolution and tax debt relief.  As an Enrolled Agent I have the highest designation in taxation given to a tax professional by the U. S. government.  I am authorized by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the IRS on all administrative tax matters in all 50 states and U. S. territories.  Attorneys and CPAs are not licensed by the federal government.  They are licensed by the state.  Not all Attorneys and CPAs specialize in taxation.  Enrolled Agents are taxation experts. 

You do not need a Tax Attorney to have your tax liens, levies and garnishments removed.  You do not need to hire an Attorney for tax audit defense or to represent you on IRS enforcement actions and Appeals matters.  You need an Attorney if your case goes to court and is litigated.  Few cases actually go to court.  Pre Trial hearings often settle disputes.  Enrolled Agents can easily represent taxpayers in Pre Trial hearings.  The preferred choice in handling your tax matter is the Enrolled Agent.  Contact me with your individual, business and employment tax needs.  My email address is: colleen@harrisontaxresolution.com.  My telephone number is (480) 292-7604.

Former IRS Revenue Agent

I am a former IRS Revenue Agent with 17 years of IRS field examination experience.  This places me in a superior position to assist you in your tax audits, represent you before the IRS and deal with IRS collection officers and IRS Revenue Agents.  I know IRS procedure and protocol.  I know how to protect your rights and provide you with the best options available to you in order to resolve your tax problem.

I retired from the Internal Revenue Service in 2008.  Subsequently, I opened up my own tax resolution business because I saw a great need for affordable, honest tax representation.  Too many were getting into the tax debt relief business that did not understand the IRS and were deficient in tax knowledge and experience.   I started with the name Harrison Tax Accounting & Financial Services, INC and merged into specializing in tax problem resolution and tax debt relief.  For that reason, I do business under the name of  Harrison Tax Resolution. IRS and state tax problems and tax debt resolution are my specialty.  Not only do I have the highest credential given in the field of taxation by the Internal Revenue Service, but I also have the advantage of experience as a Revenue Agent working for the IRS for over 17 years.  A Tax Attorney does not have the experience and training that is needed to represent you before the IRS without the need for litigation. 

Harrison Tax, Accounting and Financial Services, Inc. DBA Harrison Tax Resolution is registered and in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Arizona Better Business Bureau.  It holds an A+ rating with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Colleen E. Harrison, Enrolled Agent, is a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, The National and State chapters of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the Professional Association of Notaries Public.  She is also a Certifying Acceptance Agent for the ITIN and a Notary Public. 

Credentials and Background:
  • 35+ Years of Accounting Experience (Operating Accountant, Systems Accountant, Staff Accountant and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Revenue Agent
  • Graduate of American University, Washington, D.C.  Bachelor of Science In Business Administration

      • Enrolled Agent authorized by the Federal government to represent taxpayers on all administrative tax matters in all 50 states and U. S. territories

      • IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent for the ITIN

      • Authorized IRS E-file Provider

      • QuickBooks Pro Adviser

      • Bilingual in Spanish and English

      • Notary Public

                       (  Member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers )

      I Solve IRS and State Tax Problems!
       (Individuals, Businesses, Employment Taxes)

      Colleen E. Harrison, Enrolled Agent,  is authorized by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the IRS on All administrative tax matters in all 50 states and U. S. territories. Enrolled Agents are the preferred tax professionals and considered superior to both tax attorneys and CPA'S because they are actually licensed by a federal agency, the Internal Revenue Service and required to complete continuing education to keep up with the rapidly evolving U. S. Tax Code. 
      Tax Services Provided:
      Audit Defense
      Collection and Appeals Representation
      Tax Help Line - Free Telephone Consultations
      Tax Planning
      Tax Problem Resolution
      Tax Debt Settlements
      Tax Preparation - Electronic Filing
      Back Taxes Prepared -  All Prior Years
      Tax Debt Relief
      Tax Help
      Currently Not Collectible Status
      Hardships, 911 tax assistance
      Release of Tax Liens, Levies and Wage Garnishments
      Amended Returns
      Audit Reconsideration - Reduce Tax Debt
      Penalty Abatements for reasonable cause
      Expert Witness
      Settle Payroll Taxes
      Offer In Compromise
      Negotiated Installment Agreement
      Partial Installment Agreement
      Fresh Start Program
      Innocent Spouse Protection
      Injured Spouse Relief
      Collection Due Process Hearings
      Expediting of the ITIN (W-7)
      IRS Notices, Letters and Correspondence
      IRS Account Transcripts
      Reconstruction of income and expenses
      IRS Master File Analysis
      Pre Trial Hearings
      IRS Correspondence
      CP 2000 Proposed Tax Assessment
      Bankruptcy Compliance
      New Business Entity Selection and Start Up
      Colleen E. Harrison is a former IRS Revenue Agent with 17 years of experience with the IRS as an IRS Revenue Agent!  She will work on your behalf to -
      Stop IRS Harassment!
      Settle IRS Tax Debts, Remove Tax Penalties, Stop IRS Tax Liens, Levies and Wage Garnishments!
      Tax Resolution Specialist
      Resolve IRS and State Taxes
      Settle your IRS and State tax debts.  If you qualify, you can settle tax debts through the  Fresh Start Initiative, Offer In Compromise, Innocent Spouse Claim, Audit Reconsideration and/or Penalty Abatement. Individual, business and trust fund taxes settled.
      Stop IRS Harrassment.  Know your rights.  Penalty abatements.  Tax debt relief.  Offer In Compromise. Stop IRS wage garnishments, levies and liens.
      IRS Wage Garnishments, Levies and Liens!
      Stop Phone calls and visitations
      Know Your Rights!!!
      Your Life Without Debt
      CALL:  480 292-7604  
      Fax:  480  203-2963
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      Non-Filers Welcomed!
       Harrison Tax Resolution
        (Harrison Tax Accounting and Financial Services, Inc. dba Harrison Tax Resolution)

      Tax Debt Relief, Tax Problem Resolution, Tax Representation on Audits, Collections and Appeals!
      No tax problem is too small or too large for me to tackle. Contact me before dealing with the IRS on your own. And, do not ignore IRS notices and letters hoping the IRS will go away.  It won't.  Let me help you by responding to those letters and dealing directly with the IRS on your behalf. 
      You do not have to talk to the IRS.  I am a highly qualified and experienced tax professional that knows IRS procedures and protocol. Let me handle your tax matters for you.  IRS can and will seize your property to pay the taxes you owe (including your disability and Social Security benefits).  IRS can and will file a "substitute for return" known as an SFR if you fail to file your tax returns.  IRS will assess taxes based on this SFR.
      To avoid tax levies, tax liens and wage garnishments, contact me immediately upon receipt of IRS notices and letters.  I am an expert in settling tax debts through the Offer In Compromise and will advise you if you qualify for this based on your particular facts and circumstances.  I will prepare your tax returns for you to reduce the tax liability IRS may assess on you which is often much more then you owe and bring you into compliance with your tax obligation.  If you cannot pay the taxes owed, I will assist you in negotiating an installment agreement or Offer In Compromise to repay your tax debt and protect your assets.  
      Do not fall for false arguments and promotions that lead you to believe that wages and other income are not taxable.  These ae frivolous arguments.  IRS can and will fine you $5,000 for filing a frivolous return.  Court arguments pertaining to taxes that are determined to be frivolous can  be subject to a $25,000 fine.   
      Specializing In -
      • Tax Debt Relief
      • Tax Problem Resolution
      • Hardships/911/Taxpayer Advocate
      • Representation on Audits, Collections and Appeals
      • Tax Planning
      • Tax Preparation
      • Penalty Abatments
      • Negotiated Installment Agreements
      • Partial Installment Agreements
      • Currently Not Collectible Status
      • Offer In Compromise
      • Innocent Spouse Protection
      • Audit Defense
      • Tax Settlements
      • Tax Planning
      • Debt Settlements - Taxes and Consumer Debts
      • Bankruptcy and taxes
      • Tax Laws pertaining to Divorce
      • Business Entity Selection and Creation (LLC, Partnership, Corporation)
      • Income and expense reconstruction
      • Collection Due Process Hearings
      • Preparation of Prior Year Tax Returns (Individuals, Businesses and Employment Taxes)
      Expert, experienced tax problem solving and tax debt relief.  Specializing in tax debt settlements - Offer In Compromise, Innocent Spouse Protection, Injured Spouse Claims, Hardships, Wage Garnishments, Levies and Liens.  Tax penalty abatements.  Negotiation of installment agreements.  Trust Fund Recovery Assessment Representation.  
      Tax Problem Resolution.  Tax Debt Relief.  Injured spouse claim. Innocent spouse claim. Seized property returned.  Audit reconsideration.  Penalty abatements.  Offer In Compromise.  Settle tax debts.
      Tax Debt Relief - You Deserve A Second Chance
      Offer In Compromise - Tax Settlements
      Innocent Spouse Protection
      Injured Spouse Claim
      Negotiated Installment Agreement
      Payment In Full
      Currently Not Collectible Status
      Seized Property Returned in Some Cases!
      Audit Reconsideration
      Penalty Abatements
      Trust Fund Recovery Assessment Representatiion
      Fast Track Mediation
      Prevention and release of Wage Garnishments
      Prevention and Release of  IRS Levies and Liens

      Fresh Start - NEW
      Offers In Compromise  -  Flat Fee 
      If you qualify for an Offer In Compromise, regardless of what you owe, I  charge a FLAT FEE of $1,2850 per OIC.   To be increased to $1,500 October 1, 2015.  Sometimes people have debts joint with a spouse as well as their own separate debts.  Each submission is $1,200 for the joint OIC, and $1,200 for each separate submission. This fee is subject to change October 1, 2015. Out of pocket costs such as postage and handling, photocopying, printing and fees charged by the IRS are extra.  There are no hidden costs for representing you through the entire Offer In Compromise process.  This service includes prequalifying you, reviewing your particular facts and circumstances, the preparation of collection information statements, assistance in asset valuation, submitting a processible offer on your behalf and working directly with IRS officials on your case.  If you have prior year tax returns that you have not filed and/or  need to amend a tax return, I will provide that service to you at an additional fee.  The Offer In Compromise process can span over several months and may take as long as one year.  I charge a flat fee in the amount of $685 to represent my clients on audits, appeals and debt settlement services such as installment agreements.  Tax preparation is separate and not included in the $685 fee.  Acceptable forms of payment are by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), debit card that can be used as a credit card, certified check, money order, Paypal, and cash.  Monthly payment arrangements can be made.  My fees are tax deductible.
      Call: 480-292-7604
      Fax:  480-203-2963
      Colleen E. Harrison, Enrolled Agent
      (Former IRS Revenue Agent - 17 years, retired)
      Accountant 30+ Years

      IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent for the ITIN
      Authorized IRS E-file Provider
      Quickbooks Pro Advisor
      Notary Public
      Bilingual in Spanish and English
      Colleen E. Harrison, Enrolled Agent, former IRS Revenue Agent, Accountant, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, Taxation Expert, retired
      Thank you for visiting me.
      Expert, Affordable, Timely Tax Resolution, Tax Planning, Preparation and Representation
      (Audits, Collection, Appeals)
      Tax problem resolution you can trust. Liens, levies, garnishments, opwe taxes, tax debts, financial hardship, audits, examinations
      Tax Problem Resolution You Can Trust
      Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service at Affordable Prices. 
      These are the principles I've built my business on.
      Are you in need of assistance with your tax problems and don't know where to turn?  Are you worried about unfiled, delinquent tax returns?  Do you owe taxes?  Are you under examination or have you received  a letter from the IRS?  Are your wages being garnished?  Is a lien or levy about to be filed?  Are you experiencing a financial hardship and simply cannot pay your taxes? I can prevent or stop wage garnishments, levies and liens often within 24 hours.  I can assist you in having property seized by the IRS returned to you.   If you are experiencing a financial hardship, I can have you placed into "Currently Not Collectible Status".  I specialize in tax problem resolution and am your private Taxpayer Advocate.  My services are available 24/7 by appointment only.  Do not go it alone.  You are entitled to representation.  Contact me for assistance on ALL your tax problems.  I have 35+ years of accounting experience which includes 17 years of examination experience with the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Agent.  I am an expert in IRS procedure and protocol.
      If you're in need of tax resolution, tax debt relief, tax planning, preparation and representation at affordable prices, please give me a call toll free at  
      Local 480 292-7604

      I am available Monday through Friday by appointment Only.  No walk ins.  Appointments for consultations must be made two weeks in advance and a payment of $125 per hour submitted in advanced.  No refunds for cancellations or no shows.  The $125 fee will be deducted from my representation services.

      Email me at: 
      Authorized by the U. S. Government
      United States Capital.  Where tax laws are created.  Enrolled Agents, taxation experts, licensed by the U. S. government, authorized tax respresentation
      Enrolled Agents
      Enrolled Agents are authorized by the
       U. S. government to represent taxpayers before the IRS on all administrative tax matters in all 50 states and U. S. territories.  Enrolled Agents are the only taxation experts who are tested by the government on their tax knowledge and the only ones authorized by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  Attorneys and CPAs are licensed by the state and may or may not specialize in taxation.
      Enrolled Agent
      I am an Enrolled Agent and former IRS Revenue Agent with 17 years of experience with the Internal Revenue Service, Examination, Compliance.  I have audited hundreds of individual and business income tax returns, payroll taxes, and have audited the offer-in-compromise, and the Innocent Spouse Claim. I have investigated abusive tax schemes, trusts and non-filers.  I know how difficult it can be when you do not understand IRS procedures and protocol and when you do not understand the complex tax laws.  I can help you resolve all your tax matters and advise you as to your options.  
      I provide timely, afffordable and successful representation. Contact me to prevent property loss, a levy or lien.  If you act promptly, I can resolve this matter and prevent IRS from taking and selling your property to collect the taxes you owe.  IRS is authorized to collect overdue taxes by taking, which is called levying, property or rights to property and selling them if necessary.  Property includes bank accounts, wages, real estate commissions, business assets, cars and other income and assets such as Social Security Benefits and retirement pensions.  Call me for a free, confidential consultation.
      Casual, relaxed home office environment.  Available 24/7 by appointment.  Resolve tax questions
      Home Office
      I work out of my home.  I am retired after 30 years of government service.  17 of those years were as an IRS Revenue Agent.  I feel it is my privilege and an honor to assist you in an affordable and sincere manner.  I am dedicated to helping you in the best way possible to resolve your IRS problems, questions and concerns.  At Harrison Tax Resolution, I specialize in resolving tax problems and settling tax debts.  For a fee, I will be more than happy to travel to your home or office (Metro Phoenix area) or meet at my home office (by appointment only).  However, most consultations can be easily handled over the telephone, email or fax. 

      Harrison Tax Resolution is a division of Harrison Tax Accounting and Financial Services, Inc. which is registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission and a member in good standing with the Arizona Better Business Bureau. 

      Services Offered
      My services include, but are not limited to:
      • tax planning, preparation, and representation
      • affordable representation on audits, collection and "appeals" 
      • individual, business, fiduciary & employment tax returns prepared (payroll taxes)
      • federal and ALL state income taxes prepared
      • FREE e-filing with tax return preparation (ERO)
      • audit protection
      • Tax Planning Strategies
      • Prior year tax returns prepared (Non filers)
      • Bankruptcy Assistance - Compliance
      • audit reconsiderations
      • tax debt relief (hardships, currently not collectible status)
      • fast track mediation
      •  Offers in Compromise
      • wage garnishments, levies, liens
      • Negotiation of an installment agreement
      • innocent spouse protection
      • penalty abatements (reasonable cause)
      • bilingual services (Spanish and English)  Se habla espanol!
      •  Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor
      • Reconstruction of Income and Expenses

      Call me today  !
      TELEPHONE:     (480) 292-7604
      Fax:  (480) 203-2963
      Member in good standing with the Arizona Better Business Bureau   A- rating
       IRS e -file  originator (ERO)
      Authorized IRS Electronic Filer of taxc returns.  Free electronic filing of fedweral and state tax returns prepared by Harrison Tax Accoutingmand Financial Services
      Proud to be a United States citizen assisting taxpayers in getting and staying in compliance.  Taxation Expert.
      Free e-filing with tax return preparation
      • Preparation of Federal and State Income Tax
      • Individual and business
      • Sole Proprietorships
      • LLC's
      • Partnerships
      • Corporations  - Forms 1120 and 1120S
      • Employment Taxes (payroll taxes)
      • Estate Taxes
      • Trusts
      Member in good standing with the National Association of Enrolled AgentsMember in good standing with the National Association of Tax Professionals.
      Payment Method Accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card, PayPal, Certified Check, Money Order and Cash.
      Accept Discover Card
      Accept MasterCard
      Payments are accepted through PayPal
      Accept Visa Card
      Authorized IRS efile Provider
      Commissioned Notary Public